what is Rugs ?

Rugs are one of woven spreads that made by cotton،wool and some times silk.

And a ground cloths that are fleecy and knotted said rug too.

Rug word surrenders from Ghalin “a city in Armenia,in that time was part of ancient Iran.

Rug or carpet weaving has begun from Asia, The researchers are mightiest: Iran, Caucasus, and Turkestan were the places where these arts emerged،but Iranian begining this art for first and have world famous.

There were known carpet weaving before the birth of Christ too.

The oldest hand made carpet in the world is Pazirik that discovered in Siberian,This carpet woven in Iran in the Achaemenid period.



Kinds of carpets and rugs:

Drugget and Gabbeh


Drugget: They’re hand woven from sinew that usually are from wool of domestic animals.

Druggets are usually used as rugs that have difference and special designs in any region of Iran.

Some times wove a drugget whit some changes find a difference  usage like; salt shaker،sublime horses,mini bar and etc.

Druggets are one of covering handi craft that are from wool of sheap, goat hair,silk or…

Now a day druggets used as a modern covering.

The colors that used in traditional druggets are herbal.Some times for more manifestation or to make old a colors,rines they’re whit tea and walnut shell.

The size of drughets have not any limitation.

Some current size of druggets are;

100cm × 7cm

150cm × 100cm thay famouse to Zar_o_nim and its the most popular size.

2m×3m  4m×3m  borders and etc,are another sizes.

They are recognizable and categorized and woven in diffrence parts of Iran. Lori druggets are most high quality.Baloch druggets,Harsin and khamse and etc,are another druggets that woven in Iran.

The most famouse designs are;Linear design,simple field design,adobe design, Striped design.



Drugget rug

Drugget rug


Drugget rugs

Drugget rugs


what is Gabbeh ?

Gabbeh: Gabbehes or rug badgers are type of rugs that usually woven in small sizes by lor and Qashqai nomads.

Gabbeh have a lond lints and so much sinew  used on they’re that has a impressive effect on gabbeh softening.

Designs:at first they were simple and whitout designs and weavers inspirationed from nature and envirinment and some times they were designing thy’re dreams.

Most important and famouse designs of gabbeh are: lion design,gabbeh flower design,simple field design ،adobe design and linear.

The gabbehes that woven in the past were whit out color,just white،black and gray but over time weavers used from herbal and natural colors .and mixed they dreams whit this color and reveald them on rugs.



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