Rugs and carpets of Isfahan

Safavid kings were interested in rugs and weaving carpets, this attention Caused that Isfahan Made

.significant progress in industry and art of carpet weaving

These silken carpets are adorned with golden and silver wefts, maybe from the products of the

.workshops of Isfahan at the end of the 10th century and the beginning of the 11th century A.H

The looms used in Isfahan and the functions are vertical

The sinew of Isfahan carpets are made of cotton and sometimes of silk ,and the sinew of silken

.carpets of Isfahan are from desirable silk

.Isfahan brocade carpets are reminder of polonz rugs that they’re made from precious yarns

In Isfahan rugs and carpets Woven in sizes;  Zar(yard)-o-Charak(quarter),Zar-O-nim(halfyard),two

yard,drapery(pardehei) and  6meters carpets and some times larger.   Delicate carpets and silk

.flowers carpets of Isfahan whit these designs are very famous in the world markets

You Can known Isfahan for one of the main centers of designing beautiful handicraft designs

.specials in carpet weaving

Adept Yadollah safdarzadeh,is one of famous weaver in Isfahan,Including carpets and important

;design that can be mentioned from he,are

(Seven Cities Love Carpets(hapht shahre eshgh •

(Meet the unique creator (didar ba khalegh e yekta •

(Mystery of existence rugs(ramze hasty •

(Paradise rugs(behesht •

ds of fish rugs)donyaye mahi ha •

(Coral Garden rugs )bagh e marjanha •

;Some traits of rugs and carpets of Isfahan

Design of rugs and carpets of Isfahan: these designs are unique,and can say that most designs •

.that used on hand made rugs and carpets of Isfahan are design of flowers and leafs

Current designs of hand made Isfahan rugs: Shah Abbas, Slavic and the trees over which •

animals are planted are some of the most common designs in hand made carpets and ruge of


Colors that used on hand made rugs of Isfahan: In these carpets there are perfect balance •

between these colors and most of color that used, are happy colors ,    Lacquer and dark color(dark

.blue) use for margin

.At all,in majority of hand made rugs of Isfahan used more than 14 colo

Zar-O-nim (half yard) hand made carpet on


Silken hand made carpet of Isfahan

Dyeing the carpets:

Dyeing in the past were completely traditional,and herbal and made of durability and high color

stability, designs and drawings of  Isfahan carpets were made by the best

experienved masters in this field.

natural colors

?How was the carpet weaving after Safavid

After fall the Safavid carpet weaving faced whit hard subsidence in all parts of Iran,just in some village and small parts،some weavers   continue weaving,but after changed reign

were’nt  made a carpet whit high quality.

world war injured to Carpet weaving industry

too,and Carpet exports declined and in this situation the raw material for carpet weaving sold at

high prices by the profiteer persons

At that time, the Isfahan carpets was famous

in the world, but now, unfortunately  less

attention is paid to it.

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