Persian carpets

Carpet weaving is one of the oldest Iranian art that many people do it in different cities, an art that shows the Iranian culture and designs with great beauty.

 Persian carpets are the most quality and most popular carpets in the world and every royal persons try to put  Persian carpets in their palaces, from past still now.


The history of the Persian carpet texture:

The oldest Iranian handmade carpet was discovered in 1949 in the second stage of the Russian archaeologist exploration, Rudenko, in the Pazyrik region, called the Pazyrik carpet. During the Mughal domination, carpet weaving reached a very high level of beauty and technique. The prosperity of this industry may have been accompanied by the rule of Ghazan.

But the culmination of the Persian carpet was during the Safavid kings especially king Abbas and Tahmasb. from this era, about 3000 carpet boards have survived that they’re kepts in the great and famous museums of world.

Introducing cities of Carpet weaving:

Including the oldest and most famouse parts and cities that have old date in carpet weaving and some of them that have a global brand are:

Azerbaijan(Tabriz, Ardebil and Maragheh)

Isfahan(Nayin and Jouhshaghan)

Khorasan(mashhad,birjand abd etc)

Kerman,hamedan,kashan,Kermanshah and..


Carpet weaving on Azerbaijan: hand made carpets in Azerbaijan , have a tight structure with a long lint, big texture whit geometrical designs and coloring whit dark colors.

Properties of Tabriz hand made carpets:

Merge diffrent designs together.

Use to garden designs

Use to natural colors like:madder

Use to Turkish texture knot

Short lints and carpet texture with high number lines

And weaving a carpets whit outstanding texture.

Some of important and most famouse designs of Tabriz carpets are:slamy(Eslimy), Lechak and bergamot(lechak va toranj),Under ground(zir khaky), Landscape(Manzareh) and Four season.


  • Tabriz hand made carpets have high quality and beauty designs and thay are so famouse in the world.


Properties of Khorasan carpets:

The wools that used in Khorasan carpets are soft and transparent.

The size of the lints are modest but they’re look short.

Mashhad carpets are often woven with Persian knot but in past were woven whit Turkish knot too.

Most of designs of Mashhad are Flipping designs(Afshan)

One of the properties of Mashhad carpets is High quality.


Export hand made carpets:

According to statistics for the last few years the largest export of Iranian handmade carpets is to UAE,Pakistan, Germany, Japan, England, China ,Lebanon and Italy.

America is the largest carpet consumer in the world،In the years before the sanction  Iran had the first place to export carpets to this country. And though in the following years,

In this field, it never came from Iran, and India won this position, but the amount of Iranian carpet exports the United States accounted for nearly a third of the country’s total carpet exports. Losing this good market, It is a heavy blow to the carpet industry of Iran.

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