Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs or Eastern carpets are common names for carpets weaving in different parts of the East. Oriental carpet weaving areas include countries like China, Tibet, Turkey, Iran, Caucasus, Pakistan and India, and etc.

People Intervening in eastern carpet weaving  with diffrent cultures, races, religions and various countries.

Maybe, according to some of these countries that are among the Islamic countries, the term,Islamic rugs or carpets be used for them too.

But the important thing is that you can’t know an Iranian carpet as the Eastern Carpet or vice versa, because there are differences between the Oriental carpet and the Persian carpet.

What’s the specification of Persian carpet?

Iranian hand made carpets are woven only in Iran and are woven by Iranian artists with a single knitting technique،While Turkish carpets are woven with double knitting.

Persian carpets are mostly woollen, but sometimes cotton is also used a little. Persian handmade rugs are generally woven from wools such as camel wool, wool fluff and Manchester wool, Persian handmade carpets have unique designs too.

Some of these major designs include; Spinach, central bergamot, one-way and fringe,that they have diffrents means and diaries.


Differences between Persian and Oriental rugs

  1. Number of knots
  2. Country of carpet weaving
  3. Designs
  4. Materials
  5. How to wash


  • Number of knots : The Persian hand made orginal rugs are woven line to line and whit asymmetric knots but the oriental rugs have symmetrical knots
  • Designs : Iranian rugs designs are named according to the city or the carpet creator.

Hamedan, Tabriz, Harris ,Kashan and Kerman are the most famous Iranian carpet and rug designs, that their rich and beautiful coloring arw very  cute and unique,like: Bosk Jagly.(botte jegheh)  , Pomegranate flower.(gol anar) and Chelia.But oriental carpet designs, represent the common customs in the carpet area,forexample: hand made silken carpets have Buddhist roles and traditional coloring.


  • Materials : Persian carpets are woven from wool and wool of Manchester and wool fluff, depending on texture locations and the choice of weavers.and some times cotton yarns used for it.

it is interesting to know that,the fluff of wool comes from growing wool on sheeps neck that is so better than typical wool.

BUT, Oriental carpets are woven with a long lints or whit out lint, with silk and cotton and wool.

The eastern carpet is more vulnerable and its color disappears faster because cotton is more in the eastern carpet.

  • How to wash : One of the main differences between Persian and Oriental carpets is the traditional and old, carpet washing with hand. This is one of the reasons for the softness of Iranian rugs.

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