How to Care and Maintain Your New Carpet?

Importance of Carpet Maintenance

in the oriental carpet, the rows of weft and warp form the structure, while the pile gives it extreme resistance. In order for the rug to have a long life, it is important that it be kept clean; gravel and sand wear down the carpet and consumption is most often noted firstly at the level of fringes and edges.

It should also not be forgotten that, although a hand-knotted rug is often considered a work of art, this is primarily made to be used and to walk on it. Often hand-knotted rugs are extremely durable, so you can use them without any worries.

In reality, a rug exposed to normal consumption can even become more beautiful as the years go by! Here you will find some advice on the daily care of your rug and how to behave in the event of an accident.


What to do to preserve the carpet over time?

The carpet must be kept as far as possible from the violent and uninterrupted sunlight; it must be protected with thick curtains or shutters that hinder the action of direct sunlight.

It is good to refrain from placing vases with plants or flowers on the carpet with the drainage hole, or with other wet objects; in the event that the carpet gets wet, it is necessary to immediately remove traces of any moisture and dirt on both sides.

Every now and then the carpet must be turned and its most trampled parts must be placed in other areas of the room, so that the level of the hair conforms naturally with exposure to rubbing.

The carpets must not be laid under the doors. If there is not enough space, the rotation of the door will cause it to wrinkle and wear out.

If the carpets are spread on slippery surfaces – such as linoleum, parquet and marble floors – and especially in the case of carpets with a single weft or silk, they will easily slide under your feet and move from one side to the other of the room. To avoid this inconvenience, it will be good to place under the carpet of the covers, or the particular polyester nets currently on the market, which is smaller than the size of the carpet.

The lanes placed on the stairs must be fixed to the steps by means of special metal bars, to prevent them from moving. It will be a good idea to periodically move them higher or lower by a few centimeters so that the parts located on the edge of the steps, and therefore subjected to greater wear, are not always the same and that the thickness of the lane gradually becomes uniform.

Remembering also that the continuous and uniform friction operated on an area of ​​the carpet, for example from the legs of a chair, causes that part of the carpet to be consumed quickly, to be torn. In these cases, it is advisable to place a piece of linoleum or something in the areas most exposed to wear.

If the carpet is on mosaic stone floors, the interstices between the tiles or between the tiles must not be protruding or sharp, otherwise the carpet can be torn and pierced due to the continuous corrosion exerted by them.

Not even the heavy legs of furniture, chairs, tables, beds or anything else must exert constant pressure on the carpet, and the fleece must not remain compressed for a long time. Also in these cases, under the legs of the heaviest bodies, it is possible to put a piece of cardboard, linoleum, wood or glass.

Never leave the same part of the carpet under the bed for long, or under furniture and sofas hidden from the eye: the darkness, the lack of air and the impossibility of cleaning it easily, are the most propitious conditions for the formation of tarmacs and of lacerations.

The last rule, but not the least important, is to always keep your carpet clean and clean if you want it to remain durable and beautiful over time; do not ever slam it in an attempt to free it from dust and earth: we have seen that by doing so the knots, especially in the vicinity of the fringes and of the edges, can be dissolved, or even detached from the interlacing of wefts and warps, if the habit should to last over time.


How to conserve carpets during the time?

During periods in which a carpet is not used, it is necessary to store it with the utmost care, to avoid the formation of moths and damp spots, the care of carpets is an important operation throughout the year, in order to preserve the colors and weaving; but, in particular, it is essential to pay attention to it.

Keep your rolled carpet, preferably in a cool, dry place avoiding cellars and attics if possible, as harmful insects are often present in these rooms. Since the carpets are made of natural materials and without any treatment whatsoever, it increases the risk of attack by harmful insects. Also avoid exposing carpets to direct sunlight, which may fade them.

Roll the carpet gently and with the pile inside, preferably around a paper tube so that no folds are formed. Add mothballs as additional protection. Then tie some tape around the carpet so that it does not unroll and pack it well, preferably inserting it in a sheet that lets the fabric breathe and sealing the ends with adhesive tape. Pull it out at least every three months to unroll it and vacuum it. You should also carefully check that no insects have affected the pile and renew the mothballs that lose their effectiveness over time.

It is important to remember that the carpet must never be damp or wet before rolling it up to store it. Also remember to keep the carpet standing, otherwise lose the shape. If you have to put the carpet in a cellar, remember not to place it directly on the cement floor which can be damp. Place a few wooden boards under the rug to lift it up.


Care Carpets


Store the carpet in a dry place

The place where you decide to store it must be dry, cool and without direct light as the colors may fade. No cellars or attics; generally, in these environments there are harmful insects. Not all people have huge houses to use rooms as warehouses so it is useful to use drawers or containers to store under the bed. In addition, attention must be paid to temperature fluctuations and humidity which cause much damage. We do not place our rug in the cellar or in the attic, places that could be damp or too dry, and inhabited by moths that would attack our carpet. We can store it rolled up at home, perhaps taking advantage of the space we usually have on some closets.


Store the carpets in a clean place

It is essential to clean the place where you choose to keep the carpet. Dust and dirt can in fact attract insects or other pests. Furthermore, to avoid any problems it is advisable to keep the carpet rolled up and well tied. In this way it is quite protected from dust and dirt. After rolling it up, it is advisable to fix it with string to prevent it from unrolling over time.


Wrap the carpet with a sheet

We need to roll it up by putting a sheet to protect it further from both the inside and the outside. Subsequently, mothballs must be added to keep pests away; two / three balls are enough to ensure a good effect. Every two / three months it is advisable to unroll it to check if there are signs left by insects. Before storing it you must vacuum and make sure it is not damp. A second option is to roll up the rug, perhaps roll it around a cardboard tube, so as to avoid creases, and wrap it at the end in a sheet, or newspaper sheets. Cellophane and envelopes that would not let the carpet breathe should be avoided. We can also roll it up by adding perforated naphthalene or camphor sachets.


Do not store the carpet on the floor

Under no circumstances should the carpet be wet or damp during storage. If you decide to keep the carpet in a basement, avoid placing it directly on the concrete floor. The latter can be wet or it can get wet after water leaks.


How to clean carpets to keep them always on top?

The carpets, given their location on the floor, often attract dust, dirt, especially if they are positioned in problem areas such as bathrooms, dining rooms or kitchens. A carpet, of whatever material is made, therefore requires constant and thorough cleaning, with the right products, so as not to be irreparably damaged. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum clean once or twice a week and if you have an outdoor area, beat it with a slamming carpet. If there are consistent stains and it is necessary to wash it, we must proceed differently depending on the type of carpet. Fine carpets – oriental, Persian or kilim – must be cleaned with delicate products, working on the stains with a soft brush. You can use a measured amount of water depending on the dirt, but you must not brush too vigorously because the colors may vanish. It is advisable to let it dry on a flat surface, in the shade. The rugs in large synthetic materials are easy to clean with water and soap, while those in cotton or microfiber can also be machine washed and allowed to dry in the open air.


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