Iranian Art Collection of Antique Rugs and Esfahan Carpets

The Iranian Art Company is known for its management, Ms. Shahin Serjoee and her son, Pouya Pakdelian, one of the manufacturers in the world known as the First Class of Isfahan artistic carpet. Ms. Shahin Serjoee is born in Isfahan. At a young age with a passion for painting oil and paint, he went to the Conservatory of Fine Arts. Her interest in keeping alive the Persian heritage and the Isfahan carpet industry led to research and research. In her time, She came to Professor Archang and Professor Javad Rostam Shirazi the gratest and famous designers in Isfahan,iran and world ,She learned and trained her taste and art With the experiences of the professors that well-known in Iran and Isfahan and universe, she eventually joined the production of fine and best artworks in Isfahan. The lack of an integrated center in the study of the principles and techniques of carpet in Iran and Isfahan led to her motivation to gather information. One of the great masters and artists of Isfahan, who helped her greatly, was the Safdarzade Haghighi master who was known in Iran and in the world. Ms. Serjoee’s works are available in their own private gallery in Isfahan, and some of them are available at the Dubai Gallery in the United Arab Emirates. To contact them, you can do the following:
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Pouya Pakdelian
Iranian Art Gallery,

Iranian Art Gallery

“A superb collection of Esfahan Oriental Rugs, Vintage Carpets & Antique Persian Rugs”

Abshar aval avenue, persian alley

Iran, Esfahan


Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Shahin Serjoee

General Manager

Pooya Pakdelian

Sale Manager